About Us

Fonfique is an everyday celebration.
It's about pampering yourself everyday, bringing your ordinary day an extraordinary color; a smile in the most unexpected moment.
Fonfique is a colorful lifestyle brand, focused on prints. From its signature handdrawn prints to a wide range of products, it brings form and function, beauty and practicality together.
Prints are handdrawn by the founder/designer Ceylan Kolat. Her illustrations are inspired by nature and various locations around the world. Each print represents a different set of feelings and values.
Fonfique products are made with great attention to detail and precision, carefully produced not to harmfully effect general health and environment.
Ceylan Kolat
Born and raised in Istanbul, Ceylan has been always passionate about colours and fashion. After graduating from Robert College, she went to Milan to study fashion design and illustration in Istituto Europeo di Design where she lived for 5 years. After getting her BA degree in illustration, she decided to focus on textile print design and continued her studies at Central Saint Martins, London. Returning back in Istanbul in 2011 she worked as a print designer in an international textile company for several years. And in 2014 she has founded 'Fonfique' to fulfil her long-awaited dream.